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Who Is Naught Robot?

Hi, I’m Rob, and I have somewhat of an interesting life — every so often I write it about my activites for others to read.

About Me>

About Me

  • I’ve worked in the technology industry for almost twenty years. My interest in technology includes automation, cybersecurity and wireless communications. I have a separate blog where I write about technology. You can check it out at
  • I’m a licensed extra class amateur radio operator. I take notes about the things I learn about amateur radio and share them in my digital garden. You can check it out at
  • I have a number of hobbies including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, board games and ham radio.
About This Blog>

About This Blog

  • This blog is a catch all for everything in life I feel like writing about. I have other websites that are more specficly focued on technology and ham radio.
Contact Me>

Contact Me