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Board Game Design Notes: Slither

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Tags: Tabletop Games, Game Design, Prototypes

Introduction #

I love slither.io; it’s a great casual video game. One of the aspects I love most are the cat and mouse games that occur between players as they position their snake in such a way as to capture their opponent’s snake before devouring it. I want to see if I can create a board game that replicates this aspect of sliter.io.

Design Ideas #

My initial idea is to create a two player abstract game in which players will move their snake around on a game board with a repeating diamond pattern.

Board layout for Slither
Spread throughout the game board will be a number of spaces that allow you to increase the size of your snake by one segment. Within the center of the board will be an area that will allow you to increase your snake by two segments. Just like the computer game you’ll try to defeat the other snake by positioning your snake in such a way were the other snake’s head will be forced to make contact with your snake’s body. Within the computer game you’re able quickly move your snake for a short amount of time at the cost of slowing down after some time. To replicate this mechanic I think I’m going to give the players the option to double their move distance at the cost of losing one seqment of their snake.

Inital Ideas for Rules #

Setup #

Gameplay #

Growth Spaces #

End of Game #