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Adopting a Productivity System

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I think it’s a combination of age and my hectic life that has directed me on the journey to adopt a productivity system. A quick internet search on productivity systems has revealed this will be an interesting rabbit hole to explore.

Requirements #

I’m not completely certain what I’m considering for in a productivity system at the moment, but these are the requirements I have defined for the moment:

Ideas To Research #

I found a list of twelve productivity systems to begin my research.

1. The Getting Things Done (GTD) Method #

2. The Pomodoro Technique #

3. Task Batching #

4. Eat the Frog #

5. The Eisenhower Decision Matrix #

6. Time Blocking #

7. Time Boxing #

8. Bullet Journaling #

9. Most Important Tasks (MITs) #

10. Kanban Cards #

11. The Ivy Lee Method #

12. The Zen To Done System #